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Back in the late 80's, Tom Ehlke a local business man was standing in his friend's beach supply store and he noticed tourists coming in looking for salt water taffy. His friend was selling little boxes of taffy that looked bad (and tasted worse) for $4.98. Tom decided he could do better than that and went to work researching salt water taffy. Eventfully opening a full line candy store and then in 1992 moving to Destin, FL and opening the now famous Candymaker and becoming for all time the "Grouchy Old Candymaker".

 The Candymaker has become a popular stop for Destin Visitors and the demand for fresh homemade taffy and candy has grown. Many visitors call and have the candy shipped to them after they get back home. Whatever craving you may have, the Candymaker will fulfill it with one of the area's largest selections of handmade candies. All items can be packaged for shipping.

And the candyman is still at it everyday!