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A southern specialty. Our secret recipe will return you to days gone by. Homemade with the finest pecans and other ingredients. A divinity center dipped in our home made caramel and then encased in crunchy pecans. One of the more challenging products we make and one of the most delectable.

Our Traditional Pecan Logs have a creamy smooth nougat center, dipped in homemade caramel and rolled in fresh pecan pieces. This tasty treat has a long history, one that makes each taste just a bit sweeter and more delicious. Popularized in the late 1930s, pecan log rolls have become an American staple and a true Southern delicacy. They are a must-try treat, sure to send your taste buds into a spin with all of its delicious flavors mixed into every bite.

Whether you're reaching for this treat as a dessert or as a gift, the sweetness of the caramel with the decadence of nougat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Not to mention, holiday pecan logs are a must around a table filled with laughter and love. Quantity is 1 log.

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